Criminal Law

Expunging or sealing records

Re-entering one’s community after the completion of a prison sentence is very challenging. Success can be difficult for many reasons. This article addresses one of the steps a person with a felony conviction might take towards overcoming barriers to successful community re-entry. The article provides information about setting aside both felony and misdemeanor convictions, restoring civil rights and restoring gun rights, based on Arizona law.

The outcome of any case depends on the unique facts in that case, the laws at the time of conviction, new laws that may apply, and the individual decision-making of those involved including the defendant, attorneys, victims, the Court, and any other interested persons. Since the outcome of a case depends on many different things, this article is intended as information only. It is not legal advice. An attorney can provide additional information and legal advice. Therefore, questions about an individual situation should be discussed with an attorney.

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