Operation No Need For Speed

If you travel on Loop 101, 202 or 303 be prepared to see some extra law enforcement officers on the road and know that they mean business. State Troopers will be citing anyone who they catch going over the speed limit, even a little. It is called “Operation No Need For Speed” and troopers are under strict orders to ticket anyone going over the speed limit. No exceptions.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) has a new a mission and that is to decrease the amount of speed-related crashes by December 31, 2018 and a new grant is helping them with providing DPS some additional funding for the cause. The grant will be used to purchase additional equipment to help slow down citizens in an attempt to limit the amount of speed related accidents. According to DPS,"In 2016, the Department reported 106 speed-related fatalities, 481 speed-related injuries, and issued 122,413 citations for speed/aggressive driving." Today, all you need to do is travel a freeway or watch your local news to see and hear about devastating crashes.

"Operation No Need For Speed", is part of the grant related effort to make Arizona highways a safer place for people to travel. DPS Director Col. Frank Milstead understands that, "“Unfortunately, at the speeds people are driving – 80 to 85 mph... – things go wrong real fast and real violently.” So, he has authorized his trooper to have a zero-tolerance policy on speeding for the next 30 days on Loops 101, 202, and 303. Troopers will be out in marked and unmarked cars and anyone caught going over the speed limit will be ticketed.

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