The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund is a state sponsored program authorized by a statute (A.R.S. § 41-608.04) to assist service members, veterans, and families of Arizona service members who are deployed outside the United States. It helps families of Arizona veterans who were injured while deployed as well as families of service members killed in action.

What is the Military Family Relief Fund?

When a service member is injured or killed while on deployment overseas, the family faces both physical and financial challenges. Families with small incomes often need to travel to the location where their loved one is hospitalized for treatment. When injuries result in permanent disabilities or require extensive rehabilitation, the family may need help relocating, paying bills, or modifying their home to accommodate a disability. The fund was created to help those families.

What type of expenses can these funds be applied to?

This program covers both expected and unexpected expenses that are incurred by the families, including:

Who is eligible for Arizona Military Family Relief Fund?

Service members, veterans, and their families may be eligible for assistance. To be eligible for financial assistance from the fund, veterans must have been discharged under honorable conditions, and service members must be in good standing with the service. In addition, they must meet the following criteria to have an application considered:

Arizona residency. One of the following must apply to the service member or veteran:

To be considered a financial hardship, one of the following is required:

How does a person apply for The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund?

Those who need financial assistance may apply using this form:

A sample application can be found here:

How is the MFRF Administered?

The fund is administered by an advisory committee appointed by the Governor. It is comprised of 12 appointed members plus the Director of the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services. The committee decides questions of eligibility and determines which financial hardships receive aid.