The information in this article has been adapted from the main Hunting Regulations booklet that is published each year by the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD). This booklet discusses the statewide rules for the hunting of deer, fall turkey, fall javelina, bighorn sheep, fall bison, fall bear, mountain lion, small game, and other huntable wildlife. Other booklets discuss the statewide rules for the hunting of elk and pronghorn antelope and spring big game hunting. For the most up-to-date regulations, please consult the AZGFD’s website:

It is not unusual to see people on the banks of the Salt River Project (SRP) canals with their fishing poles in the water.  In addition to providing water to valley homes, parks, farms and businesses, the canals provide local residents with exercise and recreation.  Many people enjoy walking and running along the canal banks; others like to sit on the bank and fish.  You can find a variety of fish in the SRP canals.  Any fish that lives in Arizona lakes and rivers may be found in the canals.  People report catching carp, bass, crappie, bluegill, and stripers.  You may even see turtles. If you enjoy fishing and plan to fish the canals, make sure you know the rules.

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