There are several identification cards a veteran may use to prove they are a veteran of the U.S. military. However, a Veteran ID Card is a simple and secure method of proving veteran status.  

What is a Veteran ID Card? 

A Veteran ID Card (VIC) is a type of photo identification that may be used by a veteran to show their involvement in the military. This may be useful for a veteran who wants to receive discounts offered to veterans by stores, businesses, and restaurants. 

What information is included in a Veteran ID Card? 

The VIC will include: 

The VIC will NOT include: 

Who is eligible for a Veteran ID Card? 

Eligibility for a VIC includes: 

How do I apply for a Veteran ID Card? 

To apply for a VIC a veteran first needs to create or sign-in to their military account through the department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 

To create an account, the following are required: 

Are service members who are non-citizens eligible for a Veterans ID Card? 

Service members who are in the military but are not U.S. citizens, might not be able to qualify for a VIC since a Social Security number is required. Instead of a VIC, these service members may be eligible to a Common Access Card (CAC) through the Department of Defense. Service members who might not have a Social Security number should be eligible for a CAC. 

What should I expect after applying? 

After submitting a VIC application, the VA will verify: 

Once eligibility is confirmed, the VA will email the veteran to confirm the status of the application. For applicants who have unknown or uncharacterized discharge, their application may take longer to process. Those requests are brought to the National Personnel Records Center by the VA. Veterans may be requested to provide additional information.  

To the check status of an application, replace a lost VIC, or to request support applying for a VIC visit: [VA’s VIC page] 

What can I NOT use a Veterans ID Card for? 

Service members may not use their VIC to: 

Are there other forms of ID instead of a Veterans ID Card to receive discounts from businesses?  

Veterans may use the following IDs instead of a VIC to receive discounts: 

Service members who already have one of these cards no longer need to apply for a VIC, but they may still if they want to.  

Can I get Veteran Designation on my Arizona driver’s license? 

A Veteran designation on an Arizona driver’s license or identification card is available to U.S. military veterans or active-duty service members. If approved, the word “VETERAN” will be printed on the front of the service member's license.  

To apply for a Veteran designation, the initial application should be submitted to any MVD office with one of the following documents to prove status: 

Once the Veteran designation is approved and a new card is issued, replacements may be ordered online at and it should have the VETERAN designation.