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Veterans Burial Benefits and Honors

Information on arranging a military burial, including eligibility and what financial compensation is available for those who apply.

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Understanding Military Legal Assistance and Civil Matters
Many civil legal matters can be handled by a military legal assistance attorney at no cost to service members, find out how.
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Application for a Burial Flag

This application should be filled out and submitted to your local VA regional office.

Application for Burial Allowance

This application should be filled out and mailed to Department of Veterans Affairs Pension Intake Center P.O. Box 5365, Janesville, WI 53547-5365


For general benefits and disability questions. Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 9:00 pm ET.
Call: 800-827-1000
Readjustment Counseling Service staff will help make counseling arrangements for family members and loved ones of the deceased.
Call: 202-461-6530
Information and help with ordering a headstone, memorial, or marker for a military burial.
Call: 800-697-6947

Helpful Online Resources

Online Application for Burial Allowance

Information on how to apply for burial benefits or do advance planning for end of life care.

Making Pre-Burial Arrangements

Guidance on how to apply and make arrangements for a military burial before the individual is deceased.
Visit: Will Preparation and Beneficiary Financial Planning

VA resources for establishing a will and designating beneficiaries of financial resources

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