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Detailed Information on USERRA

Discover USERRA and how it may assist servicemembers in keeping their jobs during deployment.

Arizona's New Occupational Licensing Law

Get to know how a servicemember's spouse may benefit from the new licensing laws.

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

Find out about the office that supports servicemembers locate a job after serving duty.

Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (VEVRAA)

Description on the further protections on re-employment given to veterans from the Vietnam era.

Hiring Preferences for Veterans and Families of Servicemembers

Determine how veterans are given preference in federal jobs and if Arizona has any hiring preferences for veterans.

Employment Issues Facing Returning Veterans

Read about issues preventing returnning veteras from finding jobs and how this problem may be solved.

Military Spouse Employment Partnership

Learn how this program helps spouses of servicemembers find a job.

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Understanding Military Legal Assistance and Civil Matters
Many civil legal matters can be handled by a militray legal assitance attorney at no cost to servicemembers, find out how.
Go to the webpage: AmericanBar.org

Arizona Roadmap to Veteran Employment

A statewide plan to connect servicemembers, veterans & their families to employment, training and resources.
Visit: dvs.az.gov

Helpful Online Resources



Sample Letters

Sample letters for notifying employer of upcoming military service andr eturn to work.
Visit: esgr.mil

USERRA Advisor

USERRA Advisor assists veterans in understadning employee eligibility and job entitlements, employer obligations, benefits and remedies under USERRA.
Visit: dol.gov

File a Claim

Veterans' Employment and Training Service developed an online system that allows USERRA claimants to submit claims electronically.
Visit: dol.gov

Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act General Information

VEVRAA Regulations Frequently Asked Questions
Visit: dol.gov

Veteran's Preference

Veteran's preference gives eligible veterans and advantage over other applicants, discover who is eligible and how veterans earn points of preference.
Visit: fedshirevets.gov

Military Spouses Education and Career Guidance

The Department of Defense Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program provides education and career guidance to military spouses worldwide and offers comprehensive resources and tools for all stages of their career progression.
Visit: myseco.militaryonesource.mil

What is USERRA?

VA’s Military Spouse Employment Program

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