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Tap and pay is arriving in the U.S.  A few retailers like Costco have already instituted “tap and pay” service. To make a purchase, you simply tap your credit card on the card reader, and, voila!  Your purchase is complete.  There is no wait for the card to go through and nothing to sign.  Canada, the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe have been using tap and pay systems for several years, but the U.S. has been slower to embrace the technology.  Yet, analysts expect contactless credit and debit cards to become commonplace in the U.S. over the next 3 years.

The Federal Trade Commission has created an educational video on debt collection that may help you! As part of its education and outreach about special rights servicemembers and their families have on some consumer issues, FTC’s Fraud Affects Every Community: Debt Collection video tells the moving first-person story of Bryan Noyes, is an Iraq War veteran, and his veteran’s debt collection experience. This video spotlights the struggle that Bryan had to go through when faced with harassing debt collection calls for debts that he couldn't even identify and the legal assistance that helped him recover. Even if a debt is unfamiliar those debts and concerns still need to be taken care of. Learn about what Bryan did and what you can do to if you are faced with such an issue. Watch Bryan's story, Fraud Affects Every Community: Debt Collection.

Most Americans have heard some version of the old adage “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.”  Thirty years ago, that  old saying made sense, but in the second decade of the 21st century, it no longer holds true.  Technology and the internet have changed everything about how we process information.  We can no longer believe what we see and what we read without deeper investigation.  This recent scam illustrates that point.  It is yet another example of sophisticated technology being used to dupe the public.  In this case, the victims are young adults considering military service who relied on bogus, military recruiting websites to their detriment.

Whether you purchase a used car from a dealership or from an individual, keep in mind the old Latin phrase “Caveat Emptor,” let the buyer beware.  There are pitfalls to buying a used car that you need to keep in mind.  Don’t rely on the seller’s representation; conduct your own, independent investigation into the condition and history of the vehicle before committing to the sale.  Both the seller and the buyer need to be diligent, cautious and remain in compliance with Arizona law.

Under a recent settlement a Virginia-based USA Discounter will pay $95.9 million in restitution to Servicemembers and veterans after defrauding them through consumer goods purchased on credit. The Attorney General's Office stated that USA Discounters engaged in unfair, abusive and deceptive practices that caused some Servicemembers to lose security clearance and face demotions after their supervisors were continually contacted about debt owed to the company. For more information about the settlement and allegation please click here.

The holidays are a busy season.  People are shopping, baking, decorating and socializing with friends.  Food banks and charities work to raise funds during the holidays because they know it is the time of year when people are the most generous.  Con-artists and scammers also love the holidays.  They know that busy people can be careless people. 

Drivers, especially in the hot and dry climate of Arizona, need to remember that a vehicle tire is made of rubber.  Over time, all rubber degrades to the point where it is no longer usable.  To illustrate, imagine a rubber band that gets left in a drawer for a few years.  It becomes brittle and when you try to use it, it may likely snap in half.   Unlike rubber bands, however, the degradation of rubber in tires may all be internal and NOT visible to the naked eye.  As tires age, the adhesion of the steel belts may be compromised by as much as 75%, likely resulting in a tread separation, often at highway speeds.  When this occurs, drivers often lose control of the vehicle with devastating results.  Not surprisingly, this degradation process (known as thermo-oxidative degradation) is accelerated in hotter climates.


Internet transactions have become more prevalent every year.  People use sites like Craigslist, Facebook, LetGo, OfferUp and many others to buy and sell everything from cars to iPhones and concert tickets.  The days of putting a classified ad in the newspaper to sell used items is gone.  Today, deals are made over the internet.  Yet, these internet deals can be risky. 

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